Who Is It?

Thank Goodness that silly holiday, Halloween is almost over!  However, being that the official day for human lunacy was a weekday, (Thursday), there will no doubt be a continuance of the shameful shenanigans throughout the weekend!!! 😦

I was hopeful that when my mum fled the house in a fiend-ful rush last evening, that I could get in some serious napping, and as I finished off a nice meal, and kneaded my favorite throw into submission, I set out to close my eyes and dream of blind mice wandering aimlessly in to my open mouth, when I was rudely shaken out of my reverie. Someone, something, was knocking loudly at the front door.  I was startled and jumped up onto all of my toes, fur straight out and tail in the air.  Who could this possibly be?  I heard what sounded like small humans giggling and then the sound of a constipated werewolf and surmised that it was “trick or treaters”, (whatever that means?)  I have heard it talked of, but don’t really understand why you would send small humans out into a dark night wearing sheets over their heads, and asking complete strangers for food???  Now I get it that when one is hungry, one will meow rather loudly in order to get fed, but must you wear bedding to do this?  And scary costumes?  If you want to be scared, come up to the utility room where I keep my litter box.  That should scare you.  No costume required! 

So I do what any cat would do in that situation, and I crawled under the bed, which is where I stayed until my mum came home, at some unearthly hour I might add.  I’m not her keeper, I’m just saying….

She looked pretty bedraggled and had several different colors in her hair, which looked as though it had been dragged through a bush backwards.  Poor thing.  I wondered if she had been accosted by those small screaming humans outside, so I waited for her to shower the glitter and gunk off and did my best to comfort her with loud purring until she fell asleep on my tail!
So be safe out there my friends, and DO NOT open the door.

Your Pal,

cat door


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